What is PRO-TECTOR™?

PRO-TECTOR™ is a unique SaaS solution designed by a team of cyber security experts that reports on your organisation’s cyber security risks, empowering you to make informed decisions to significantly improve your organisation’s security posture and stay aligned with information security standards.

PRO-TECTOR™ passively scans the web reporting on your organisation’s vulnerabilities that are available to be exploited. This information, along with Cyber Toa’s recommendations for resolution, allows you to stay on top of issues as they arise, eliminate opportunity for attack, and actively protect your infrastructure.

Please contact us for a demo on your domain and how we can help to secure your domain.


Technical Assessments

External Cyber Attack Test
An external cyber-attack test (CAT) identifies any known vulnerabilities in external-facing IP addresses which could be compromised by malware to gain access to your databases or internal networks. This includes checking firewall operations and configuration, as well as both a passive and an active cybersecurity assessment.
Internal Cyber Attack Test
An internal cyber attack test is an independent and real-world assessment of the IT security risks within an internal network. We look for several attack vectors including malware which could be brought into your organisation accidentally or deliberately, and un-patched routers and printers which have an internet connection.
Web Cyber Attack Test
A web cyber attack test is a through independent and real-world assessment of security risks which could be exploited by a malicious hacker on your website/s. Such security risks are often caused by mis-configuration and vulnerabilities, and Cyber Toa’s aim is to highlight these risk would compromise the integrity of your website should they be exploited.

Security Processes

Phishing Simulation
Cyber Toa can run a harmless phishing email campaign based on real phishing attacks against your organisation in order to assess how your staff react to one of the most common cyber-attack methods. We collect data on which staff interact with this email to help with future training measures, and Cyber Toa can track responses over time and multiple campaigns.
vCISO Services
Cyber Toa can provide a vCISO service on a required basis, giving immediate access to the information security leadership needed without the overhead of a full-time resource. You only engage with us for the hours you need. We can recommend the actions you can take to make your business more secure and help you create a road-map for the longer term. You also have the back up of Cyber Toa’s highly skilled team, providing a wider range of in-depth expertise.
Managed Web Application Firewall
A web application firewall (or WAF) protects your websites and web applications from malicious traffic which may aim to exploit vulnerabilities. Cyber Toa is able to supply monthly reports on this traffic and any potential failed attacks that occur.


Privacy Impact Assessment
A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) assesses the possible privacy risks of a system or website, and provides possible mitigations to these risks which take into consideration the specific system being tested. Cyber Toa follows the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s official templates.
Certification and Accreditation
Certification and Accreditation is required for systems in order to be compliant with the New Zealand Information Security Manual. This process includes NZISM audits, a privacy impact assessment on the system as well as a GCDO Assessment.
Cyber Toa offers a range of technical and non-technical cyber security courses to up-skill yourself or your staff to meet this demand.